Monday, April 11, 2011

Sanding the upper torso

I now have rough casts in resin of both the upper and lower torso. They're in two pieces, as you can see. The lower torso's resin is really icky, discolored, and bubbled. Odd how two batches of resin can be so different! 
I will post pics later of the casting process... I realize I've only posted the mold-making pics, but I wanted to show the latest progress on the sculpt.
The areas where I've smoothed and sanded on the upper torso are apparent; the area above the clavicle has not been touched and is still very bumpy.


I've been sanding and sanding and sanding this upper torso, for days and days. Thank goodness I have artists' OCD. 

The ribcage was too large for her narrow waist... so I've been narrowing it, all the while constantly reshaping the rib elements. I'm also going to increase the waist size, and raise the height of the waist a little, as she's too long-waisted. I'll make these increases in epoxy... actually a plumbers' compound called "Gapoxie", sold by the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, of all things! I've applied some already... it's the darker gray stuff. Once these adjustments have been remade and the upper shoulders and back are smoothed and shaped, I'll recast.

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