Friday, April 1, 2011

Making the mold for the upper torso

The moldbox will hold the liquid silicone rubber used to make the mold. It's foamcore, glued with a glue gun at the seams. I filled the bottom with clay--you'll see why later...

Next, one-half of the upper torso is encased in wet clay. I only want to expose half of the body to the silicone.

Now the clay-encased torso is put into the box. Ultimately, only the top half of the torso will be exposed.

Now I'll add "keys", so that I'll be able to match the top and bottom halves of the mold later, when I pour the resin into the cavity. The structure coming out of the neck will become the hole to pour the resin. Remember... anything in clay will be "void" in the final mold. I know... it's all terribly confusing. To me, too!

Now for a lovely bath of liquid rubber. Moldstar 15, from Smooth-On.

The mold box is filled with liquid rubber to about two inches above the highest point of the torso.

The finished mold of the top half of the torso. Note that half of the cavity within the torso is also part of the mold.


  1. This is amazing!! I so want you to teach me how to do this.

  2. It does get easier with practice. Easier to visualize how it works... I'll be happy to show you more!